OPERA series QUIKO rolling shutter motors, characterized by ease of installation, constitute a complete range to automate rolling shutters of any kind and dimension. The high working cycle of QUIKO automation for roller shutters ensures an intensive use and the top reliability will allow a perfect and long lasting functioning. The spring-balanced shutter rolling shutter operator make use of easy adjustable limit switch to automatically stop the shutter when it is fully opened or closed.

Materials and components used for construction of our roller shutter motor have to pass strict quality tests prior to be adopted. The built-in opening/closing limit switches can be adjusted easily and the intuitive control board avoids loss of time for setup. OPERA series spring balance roller shutter motor  is compatible with ø200, ø220, ø240 and ø280 springs and ø33, ø42, ø48, ø60, ø76 and ø101.6 pipes.

The extreme power of OPERA rolling shutter motor is always flanked by the various safety equipments available, such as the electronic brake, the safety parachute/brake and the emergency unlocking system.

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