HYDRO series hydraulic gate opener systems by QUIKO has been studied for both residential and intensive use.

The huge power released by the hydraulic gate operators makes them ideal for installations on large-sized swing doors (up to 6m). This power is flanked by a high degree of safety thanks to the thrust adjustment differentiated for opening and closing. The mechanism that is used in the hydraulic door openers offer a much efficient operation as compared to mechanically operated ones and thus are suitable for heavy-duty applications. Quiko is considered as one of the best swing gate motor suppliers and we have an in-house R&D and production facility for various gate opening solutions including hydraulic gate systems.

The functioning of the QUIKO hydraulic gate actuators by using oil and the internal lubrication of all the mechanical components guarantee long-term duration at the top of the category. All the main components of hydraulic door opener are made by QUIKO and pass rigorous quality tests before their release onto the market. HYDRO series hydraulic swing gate openers are available in either with or without block on closure versions.

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