Extending the Service Life of Automatic Doors Mechanism for Great Service Delivery

Velos Sliding Gate Operator

Automated doors have become increasingly popular and widespread in various installations such as factories, stores and private homes. These doors have outstanding advantages which include ;

- Value addition to the property since many people prefer automatic doors in hospitals, airports, hotels, residential estates, shopping malls, retail outlets.
- Various models and designs including swinging doors opener , automatic folding doors, sliding doors and rotating doors.
- Convenience: guests and customers will appreciate not having to deal with very heavy manual doors, especially those with children and carrying luggage
- Ease of use and maintenance
- Cost versus benefits; the doors are more economical to use and operate especially in terms of energy savings.
- Safety: they provide consistently safe protection to property

Types of Automatic Doors and Operating Mechanisms

Models of automatic doors can be distinguished by the speed reducer mechanism they operate and the mode of opening each door uses. These include;

Sliding Doors

They operate through worm drives which for transmission uses the crown wheel, connected with a worm screw that engages the gears for reducing transmission speed. The drive is usually installed at the top of the door and transmits motion to attain a linear displacement.

Access gates

Similar to sliding doors operators  but the worm drives are located at the bottom of the gate. Motion is generated through pinion and motor gearing system and they also have linear motion.

Sectional Garage Doors

They have a linear speed reduction mechanism. The door position can be raised, lowered, adjusted or even tilted.
To derive maximum performance of your automatic door system, there are certain measures specific to these types of doors that need to be regularly done.


Extending the Service Life

some common failures of  automatic doors include;

- Noises
- unusual vibrations
- Burned Motors
- Broken gears resulting from blockages. 

Maintenance Tips  

To effectively reduce these problems to a minimum, and extend the life of the door, one needs to have a good understanding of the duty cycle, torque and speed of the motor for optimum performance.
- Use of electronic control that has ramped up and downtimes exerts lesser strain on the whole system, by restricting the power needed at beginning and at the end of each cycle.
- Motor failure cut off systems. This system protects the motor in case of current surges during operations. It acts by automatically disconnecting power and protects motor from any damage.
- Use of brushless motors in heavy-duty operations. This provides them with more operation life.

Noise and Vibrations

- These are directly linked to the motor type, materials making up the motion chain, and the handling of vibrations transmitted from the mechanism to the housing. Use of hard plastic gears and advanced brushless motors will significantly reduce vibrations.
- Regular maintenance such as lubrication and servicing will greatly enhance the life of the motor. Use of helical gears also helps in reduction of noise and vibrations.
- Reinforcement of the anchoring base is also very important through the use of bushings where there transmission of power. This heavy rubber absorbs the vibrations that may occur between the mechanical points. 

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