AMBROGIO - Hands-free Gate Opening System

AMBROGIO is the innovative, state-of-the-art hands-free opening system from QUIKO, which allows to enable an automation without usage of transmitters but simply approaching the electric gate with the car. In such way the driver remains constantly focused on driving thus ensuring greater safety to both himself and passengers, while AMBROGIO gate automation system opens the gate.

The gate opening system consists of three components: a trigger antenna to be installed next to the gate, an active tag to be placed inside the car and a radio receiver to be connected to the control board of the automation. Once the car has entered the detection area, which is a distance either frontal or lateral from the trigger antenna not exceeding 5m, the active tag transmits a 868 MHz Rolling-Code (both high security and invulnerability of the system are guaranteed) to the radio receiver connected to the control board of the automation, which gives the further command to open the gate.

The hands-free gate opening systems can be installed easily and quickly, moreover it’s fully expandable: a serial connection of up to 4 trigger antennas is possible in order to increase the detection area of the system and up to 500 active tags can be memorized within each radio receiver. AMBROGIO gate automation system is compatible with both QUIKO  electric gate system and preinstalled systems.

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