QUIKO produces and commercializes automation systems for gates and doors together with other systems of automation for varied types of use. Discover the new website even more rich of images and information that will allow you to identify the product that is more suitable for your needs.

The ample range of products offered by Italian barriers producer includes automation for civil and industrial gates,  barrier gate, automatic barriers, systems for the management of parking lots, automatic rising bollards, access control systems, automatic doors and still more.

To automatize the home and to resolve every problem with simple practical gestures is the dream of everybody: today this dream becomes reality, thanks to a range of products and automatic gate solutions thought by QUIKO to answer with efficiency and reliability to the life of every day.

Gates, doors, garage doors, windows, shutters, automatic movements: everything is under control through the QUIKO systems, that simplify the life and create around the consumer an atmosphere of refined comfort. The automatic system for gates or gate automation is mostly preferred for security purposes as it helps to protect the property where they are installed. The automation of gates include automated swing doors, gate automation systems, automatic sliding gates, etc. Industries require automatic gate solutions so that their storage facilities are secure. The swing gate opener automation, on the other hand, finds application in the residential places. Automatic sliding gates are preferred for gate automation that incorporates a manual release lever to handle the gate in case of no electricity.

Quiko also offers automation for road barriers apart from gate automation systems and barrier gate automation to ease the parking system and other related purposes. Rising Bollards protects the vulnerable areas that are highly exposed to robbery or theft. The barrier gate automation is applicable for both industrial as well as intensive applications that are also supplied in low voltage versions that work in the situation of electric blackouts.

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