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Explore the potential of incorporating high-quality gate & door automation systems in your business with Quiko Italy.

Founded in 1968, We have a history of providing long-lasting quality products that are renowned for their durability and sturdy make.

With Quiko, you get authentic Italian high-quality products that are bound to fly off the shelves with your business.


Be A Part Of The Quiko Family

We have been successfully manufacturing automation systems for gates and doors along with other industrial automation systems for over 50 years.

With quality as our staple, we have successfully managed to expand our business outreach to more than 40 countries around the World.

We are always proactively looking to expand our family of distributors and sellers. With the highest quality and perfect conditions, discover the potential in becoming a distributor for Quiko Italy.


Why Should I Partner with Quiko Italy?

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Quiko Italy: Your Premier Choice for High-Quality Gate & Door Automation

Quiko Italy has developed a reputation around the World for its high quality and diverse environmental applications.

Aside from the product quality, we also offer unparalleled conditions to make sure that the purchase process is simplified for you.

With Quiko, you get to have the products at your convenience.

Here are some of the many reasons why Quiko is the premier brand to partner with.

High-Quality Components,
No Plastics

Production Time of Fewer Than 3 Weeks

4 Year Warranty on Mechanics

Rapid Technical Support

Thousands of Global Installations

Guaranteed Italian Production

And the best part?

For your first bulk order, the shipment is Complimentary!

And just to make it a deal you cannot leave, you get to have 1% Spare Parts Absolutely Free.

Make sure you learn more about the process to get started with Quiko Italy.


Explore the diverse range of products offered by Quiko Italy!

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About Us

Quiko Italy has been successfully delivering high-quality Italian automation systems to clients around the globe.

We have an extensive network across more than 40 countries around the World.

Our quality and passion set us apart from the competition.

We offer a diverse product range to allow clients to integrate automation systems in variable environments.

Our range of products is suited to work across variable different environments and built to withstand a slew of conditions.

Here are some of the most commonly sold Quiko products.

We are always rapidly expanding our product range so make sure that you stay updated with the products page to be on the lookout for newer systems that simplify your customers’ day to day life.

Learn more about how you can be a part of the Quiko Family and start expanding the range of your product market.

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