Taj Mahal Security Upgraded Thanks to Quiko Italy Automatic Barriers and Rising Bollards

QUIKO ITALY is one of the oldest and most experienced italian manufacturers within the automation industry. In 2016, their Automatic Barriers and Rising Bollards were selected to upgrade security at The Taj Mahal, the jewel of ancient indian culture. 
Together with its local partner, QUIKO took part to the Taj Ganj Project, for the beautification of the UNESCO's world heritage site and universally admired masterpiece.
QUIKO Automatic Barriers and Rising Bollards were installed over all the access roots of the Taj Mahal, bringing to the site an increased security and traffic control.
ICARUS series automatic barriers and CENTURION series automatic bollards of QUIKO, MADE IN ITALY, guarantee maximum sturdiness, duration and reliability in all environmental conditions.
Stay tuned for the next projects!