TWINGO series swing shutters automation from QUIKO, conceived to automate shutters and mobile frames, has been designed to fulfil the aesthetic and the functionality as it has reduced dimensions and a great versatility of use. Thanks to their reduced dimension QUIKO swinging shutter motors can easily be installed on existing shutters/mobile frames without to compromise of the aesthetic and without any change on walls and frames. The movement is regular and silent, with the possibility to stop the shutter in whichever position. The manual operating is also allowed in emergency case.

TWINGO swing shutter automation is provided of gearmotors (230V) having the gears manufactured in alloy carbon steel free of maintenance, coupled inside a die cast aluminium box. The arm has an adjustable length and the sliding guide has a spline shape in order to be easily adapted to the several types of fixtures allowing a reliable and safe fastening. A mechanical clutch assures an affordable operation of the device in any case and also in case of strong wind. All the steel parts have been bonded with anticorrosive treatment. The automation assembly consists of a solid state structure and it is supplied according to the client dimensions READY TO INSTALL. The electric locks (optional) increase the holding power on closure against house-breaking. The shutter motor can be connected to the home domotic system.

The operation of the automation for shutters is without any noise and is hence preferred over other products for application. Optional equipments for shutters automation include a 230V control board that is used to oversee the operations. A control board is also available to be used in the automation system for shutters but only for hold to run command. To secure the device more convincingly, electrical locks are provided for the shutter top in system of automations for shutters. The swinging windows motors are of the finest quality able to generate large power value.

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