Terms and Conditions

Orders will only be considered valid if received in writing or on any other sales form, but always bearing the Client’s stamp and signature, or on the form “Order Proposal” compiled by the Agent with his stamp and signature.

Lead times will be approximately 6 weeks. Any possible delays to the terms defined will not result in cancellation of the Order and will not allow for any requests in terms of damages or compensation to be made.

Transport costs will always be borne by the Client at his risk and peril, in accordance with Article 1093 of the Italian Civil Code. Any complaints for missing or damaged goods should be communicated immediately following receipt of the goods on the TRANSPORT DOCUMENT, countersigned by the driver. The reserve should be subsequently transmitted by means of a Registered Letter within 3 days (the post stamp date will be considered valid). Non compliancy with the above-mentioned formalities will result in the decline of any compensation action.

Any complaints related to the quality and nature of the goods and/or the identification of any possible hidden faults should be sent to us by Registered Letter within 8 days (the post stamp date will be considered valid) from receipt of the goods. In any case, no returns will be accepted without our specific written consent.

The sole Payment Conditions considered valid will be the ones agreed with our Sales Department. Following modifications to the clients situation, we reserve the right to demand guarantees or to change the Payment Conditions at any time. Costs related to any unpaid amounts will be borne entirely by the buyer, as well as interest calculated by us in the event of delayed payments. The goods delivered will remain our property until total payment has been received. If the goods are duly resold, any resulting credit will be considered due to us.

The products are covered by a 2-year warranty at the following conditions:
- The warranty will be applicable from the purchase date, certified by the Receipt and/or Invoice and/or transport document issued by the Dealer.
- The warranty includes the replacement or free repair of any elements of the devices, recognised by ourselves as originally faulty due to production faults .
- Transport costs will be borne entirely by the Client, without any obligation by ourselves to carry out inspection or tests on the Client’s premises.
- Any parts considered faulty due to negligence or incorrect use, incorrect installation or maintenance, transportation carried out without due care, installations other than the ones for which the device was designed, introduction in electrical accessory plants not homologated by our Technical Department, or circumstances that, in any case, cannot be attributed to production faults will not be covered by the warranty.
- The company declines any responsibility for any damages that may, directly or indirectly, be caused to people or things following non compliancy with the regulations indicated in the instructions and dictated by common sense.