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Need for electrically operated automatic safety entrance

We need to ensure our safety be it in our home, residence or the place of work. We try to protect ourselves from unforeseen circumstances like physical damage, theft, fire etc. Unlike our home, companies and go downs also need to be safe from these uncertainties. Therefore one can observe various companies coming into picture which provide safety solutions for our personal as well as professional needs. Few of them play their role in private projects and there are a few who also participate in the public projects I.e. government projects. Safety on roads, barriers, entry and exit toll booth are some of the government projects which need the help of such companies.

Types of Safety Entrances available in the market

Door Operators There are various types of Industrial openers. They are available as Swing door, sectional doors, double sliding doors or folding doors. All of these are electrically operated and are driven by the motor system. Every motor has a release system which is a manual inbuilt mechanism, which helps to unlock the door in case of power failure.
Folding doors are easily installable doors with an added advantage of being noiseless. They are intricately designed for industrial purposes for their longevity. Folding doors use the power of gear motors and it is made from materials like iron, steel, aluminum, and other robust metals.

Swing Door Openers

These gates are suitable for industrial as well as personal purposes. Swing door openers are available in articulated arm operators, linear arm gate operators or underground systems. All three types are electromechanically operated through hydraulic versions.
Swing door types also include a manual release system that can be used to access these gates at the time of power failure. A battery backup system can be used as an option so that it can function properly even in low voltage conditions. Again the extreme ease of installation and use make it a favored choice. Each door comes up with a complete and ready-to-installation kit.


Sliding Gate Operators

They are easily noticeable on almost every entrance. Sliding gate opener are commonly used and are available in different series with varying metal compositions. These are available with or without a mechanical clutch. Though it is electrically operated, it also has a fully packed battery driven system to ensure its operation during a power failure. It can be run under 230/110V. It has a powerful three-phase gear motor that is mounted inside to make it suitable for heavy duty use.

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Need for Door Access Solutions

Sectional door operators equipped with CCTV or the above mentioned various types of industrial gate opening systems are the need of the hour to safeguard the components, raw material or manufactured goods so that the industries can flourish and prosper. Access Control System is a broad term used to indicate the safety of door and alarm systems. Such systems help industries to monitor each entry and exits which is further facilitated by the tracking and recording system offered by CCTV cameras. Such Access solutions are these days devised in banking systems, Corporate buildings, Industries, Government projects, Military, etc.


The Bottom Line

Quiko Italy, an Italian name is a well established company in providing safety solutions, has ample products when it comes to the door openers. They have a variety of options available for civil and industrial purposes. They have a world wide customer base in countries like Africa, America, the Middle East, Europe, etc. The company serves its clientele with the mission of providing a quality service as well as increase its presence in the foreign markets.

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