The mission of our company has always been to produce door and gate operators to simplify peoples’ lifes, through the following fundamental principles:

  • The implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system complying with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard;
  • The implementation, maintenance and improvement of development and production methods according to the lean production method
  • The continuous control of conformity of provided products and services;
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction and guaranteeing delivery time;
  • Engaging employees at all company levels;
  • An accurate control of the outsourcing work phases;
  • Implementation of sustainability policy.

In addition to these general and constantly applied principles, the Organization defines and pursues the following medium-term objectives to be achieved:

  • Increase production
  • Increase our visibility in foreign markets
  • Reduce production time
  • Drafting and maintenance of a structured business plan with relevance to sustainability issues.



Sossano, 18.10.2021

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