Intersonix is the innovative line of audio door entry systems from QUIKO. The intercom keypad allows the user for an easy opening of the automatic gate: by digiting customised security code on the keypad of the door entry system the gate will open. QUIKO digital intercom is made of bronze colured aluminium so that it will give a modern look to the entrance of any building.

When the visitor push the bell on the external panel, signal will be given inside the home and communication will start once who is inside the building has taken up the phone (for digital intercoms only) or the handset (for analogic intercoms only). The INTERSONIX series intercoms from QUIKO unite high quality audio to maximum simplicity when controlling the automation of your home.

The QK-INT and QK-INTD models allow a motorized gate to be opened from inside the building, whilst the QK-INTKEY and QK-INTKEYD door entry systems allow the gate to be opened from outside the building also, using a password to be entered on a keypad situated on the external unit. If no motorized gate is present, the intercom can be connected to a standard electric lock mechanism. The versions of door entry system available vary between digital models (2 wires) and analogical models (5 wires).

Beauty and safety together, completely constructed in anti vandal material, the INTERSONIX series intercoms unite maximum reliability to a refined design.

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