How to Automate Swing Gate with Quiko Operators?

How to Automate Swing Gate with Quiko Operators


Swing gates are generally double gates that open and close by turning on a hinge and are made in a variety of materials like iron, wood and can be automated using an underground motor. A style statement, a luxury, and the convenience of a click when your legs are aching after a heavy day's work or it's raining cats and dogs and you don't want to get wet.

Quiko Swing operators are ideal for residential and industrial use. Its product array consists of linear arms gate operators, articulated arm automation, and underground systems. Moreover, Quiko linear arms are made in both the electromechanical swing gate operator and hydraulic versions. There is a manual system available as backup for emergencies during a power supply failure or even a backup battery system is available. These Automatic systems for swing gates work on the principle of easy to use and the operator is available as a ready-to-install swing gate kit or as a single gear motor. An automated swinging shutter depends on the weight and length of the gate which needs to be automated.

Gear motors for Swing gates There are these linear gears that consist of two helical gears placed in such a way that motion is transmitted by a motor and each gear reduces the speed of the previous gear. There is also a planetary gearbox that has a lot of satellites and an internal crown and the entire planetary system revolves around it. Quiko also offers sliding gate openers, garage door openers, and automation for roller shutters. Quiko, one of the leading gate motor manufacturers, offers different models in this electric sliding gate opener category include MOOVY - Sliding Gate Openers, TITANO - Industrial Sliding Gate Operators, VELOS - Residential Sliding Gate Openers, and ERCOLE - Industrial Sliding Gate Operators. The roller shutters include single and dual roller shutters with and without brakes and depending on the usage, the buyer chooses the perfect spring balance roller shutter motor.

Gear motors for Swing Gates

Garage door openers – This is another breakthrough in the field of innovation where the Boxster series allows to automate either up or over doors and allows tilt function easily. Long-lasting materials are used to design these swinging garage door motors. The underground swing gate automation type of engine is very discreet. They are installed under the floor inside a protective box, with the drive arm connected to the bottom of the door. The in-ground swing gate openers are installed invisibly in the ground and do not alter the appearance of the gate again leading to less maintenance.

Garage Door Openers

Hydraulic swing gate openers-Huge power is released in such hydraulic swing gate automation which makes it ideal for installation on large-sized swing doors. Quiko is considered as one of the best suppliers and there are an in-house R&D and production facility for various gate opening solutions including hydraulic gate operators. This functioning of these gate actuators by using oil and lubrication guarantees complete durability and they pass rigorous tests before entering into the market. The industrial door openers are another silent operational instrument available with torque. These operators are ideal for 2+2 folding doors. These silent doors make it very efficient and aid in the smooth working of organizations.

Hydraulic Swing Gate Openers

How to find the right engine?

When choosing the motor for the automation of a hinged door, the type, length and weight of the hinged door must be taken into account, as well as whether the door is indoors or outdoors.

The performance of the motor depends on the dimensions and weight of the door and also on whether the door is located inside a building or outside. With quick operators, long-lasting equipment, ease of use with practicality, and innovation with our leading state-of-the-art technology are just guaranteed!

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