HERCULES PLUS series industrial roller shutter door opener is the right choice for automating any kind of industrial door. QK-HC industrial door opener is a chain operated gearmotor that allows to automate folding doors as well as industrial sectional/sliding doors.

The materials used for construction, i.e. iron, aluminium, bronze and steel, guarantee robustness and reliability of the gearmotor  through time. QK-HC sectional door opener has been designed to be installed easily and to be completely noiseless. The high power originated by our industrial door openers is accompanied by an extreme noiseless.  Every motor has got built in manual release system so to unlock the motor manually in case of power failure.

Our industrial door openers are practically silent in operation and therefore unobtrusive in the work environment. The application of automating industrial doors are used for folding doors as well in addition to the industrial sectional/sliding doors. Material used in the construction of industrial sectional door openers are mostly iron, steel, and aluminum that imparts robustness to the entire structure. The presence of manual release system in the industrial doors automation assures its working even in the case of power failure.

Dependingly on the weight and the length of the industrial door you want to automate, go through our catalogue and chose between the various available models to find the perfect industrial door motor for your needs.

QUIKO industrial door motors have been designed and studied to last for years and it is made of top quality long lasting materials. Our folding door opener will work noiselessly so to become part of the door and let the user forget about it.

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