Access Control Management And Its Increasing Usage Across Industries

Domino Access Control System

Access Control Systems are electrically controlled systems to specifically monitor anything or anyone entering or exiting the premise. Such systems are designed to control through a network. Access Control System is a smart system designed to recognize,  authenticate and authorize entry of a person in the premise thus providing complete security with the system. 

These days access system is also connected with communication devices so that any suspicious information can be transferred over the communication device. Automatic doors come with access management systems often controlled by card or magnetic swipe. Reader embedded within the door reads the card and automatically the door opens. This is the basic principle behind the locking door mechanism which follows access system.

Its application can be observed in organizations that require high security and the types of devices employed in these institutions are biometric, RFID, door controllers and card readers etc. Each point or door can be further examined individually if there is a need for high security. In such cases, Network security becomes equally important, especially in companies that handle sensitive data.

The following are the different types of access systems available in the market.

Biometric Control Systems

- It is a time stamped attendance control system which can be accessed for and it tracks and records data of Visitors and Employees through its Access Software. It finds extensive application in confidential places owing to its ability to get easily installed and provide high security. Biometric, as the name suggests, uses fingerprints instead of a card system for access. This device also reveals the information regarding the entries. This device can be easily observed in all offices, private or public organizations, and are frequently associated with payroll management.

Proximity control Systems- This type of access control system is a more confidential system. It ensures a safe environment and senses the presence of any human beings in the is widely used in office, factory, bank, etc.

Door Access Control Systems

- It is a compact system devised to operate door closing or opening system. It is stand alone cost effective system with easy installation. The installation kit makes it very easy for an electrician to install it with an electromagnetic lock. It can be widely used in Offices, Server rooms, Homes, Airports, Defense, Data centers, etc. These systems are also suitable for homes, offices and other access control applications.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Door Access Control Systems help to provide security to households and industries. It is all electronically handled with the least human intervention. These machines are highly efficient with less maintenance. Key card systems work on the principle of the relationship between a plastic card and electronic access control locks. Attendance records, payroll management, etc. helps to simplify the HR issues to manage employee turnover ratio. Apart from these, there are certain areas in factories which are restricted and these are the points where this access system can be installed.

The Bottom Line 

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